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Charmer Baits has a rich history of producing premium, fish catching, soft plastic lures.  From the company's roots in Alabama to it's current home near the shores of famed Kentucky Lake, Charmer has always been "in the thick of things" when it comes to catching big bass.  Our staff is committed to not only continuing to produce your favorite baits, but also adding new and exciting products to the fold.  Our employees and pro staff are constantly working on new designs, only the best of which will make the cut and become Charmer Baits! 


We welcome your ideas and suggestions, and love hearing from our customers.  Be sure and check in often, and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and specials.  Share your "Charmer Big Catch" photos with us and we will post them here, and periodically draw for prize packs from among those sent to us!


Charmer Baits are available at several retailers, and we encourage you to support them.  If there is no retail outlet in your area, you may order by calling us or using our new online ordering system. Just click on the "Shop" link!  Encourage your local tackle shop to stock Charmer Baits and get in on the "Super Soft, Big Bass Tail Action" that is Charmer Baits!