Big baits, big bites, big bass and big limits.

The Charmer Timber Pup is a "must have" for any angler's arsenal.  The Timber Pup's 4" size makes it a perfect choice whether you target Great Lakes smallmouth or Texas sized largemouth. 


Use it Texas rigged or on a Carolina rigFish it on a shaky head or even as a jig trailer.  There is no wrong way to fish this versatile lure.  Like all Charmer plastics, the Timber Pup is heavily garlic scented and it floats!



The Timber Dawg is the Pup's big brother.  At a robust 6 inches in length, it is a beefy offering especially suited for targeting big bass.  Only your imagination can limit the way you fish it, but don't forget to try flipping it into heavy cover!

6" Lizard

When is a lizard not just a lizard?  When it's made  with Charmer's premium plastic!  This lizard will float, giving it better action and movement than other lizards on the market.  Every tackle box needs a lizard.  Make sure yours is filled with garlic scented Charmers!

9" Big Lizard

Want to upgrade that limit?  Try the Big Lizard.  This 9" offering has a longer, wider tail than most large lizard imitations.  Combine that big tail with Charmer's floating plastic and you get the superior Big Bass Tail Action that sets Charmer apart from the pack. 

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