Our Staff


From raising brand awareness to product development, a promotional staff is a key part of any bait company.  Our anglers offer a wide variety of experience, including professional guides and tour level anglers. 

Deb Warner

Debbie grew up on the shore of Kentucky Lake.  Her family has fished the lake since it's impoundment so her love of fishing is no surprise.  Her passion for fishing and the outdoors has led Debbie to competitive angling, where she competes on the Lady Bass Angler Association's pro tour.  Debbie's travels have come with some success, winning the 2013 LBAA Classic.  She is actively involved in product development at Charmer Baits, and has a signature color named after her.  Deb's Dynamite as it is known is available in a variety of Charmer designs, including tubes, lizards and creature baits.

Dave Stewart

Captain Dave Stewart is regarded as the most recognized and respected guide on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.  He has been guiding clients for bass full time for 18 years and has studied bass and their movements on the lakes for over 30 years.  Capt. Stewart uses Charmer plastics extensively and has been instrumental in the development of several lure designs.  In addition to guiding, he is an educator.  "Captain Dave" as he is known to his friends specializes in teaching you how to find and pattern fish in all seasons.  His "Eliminating Water" class is a must see for any serious angler.  Click on his link above for more information.


Charlie Hardin

Charlie knows his stuff when it comes to Charmer Baits, and he should...he owned the company for many years!  When he decided to concentrate more time on family, we were honored that he entrusted us to take the reins of this great brand.  Charlie is a well known competitor in tournaments from Indiana to Kentucky and beyond.  His success is frequently tied to Charmer Baits, especially the 4" flippin' tube!  Rare is the day that Charlie doesn't throw the garlic and craw scented offerings, because to him, they "smell like money!"

Bill Cantwell

Bill is one of Charmer's biggest fans, having been on the pro staff with his friend, Charlie Hardin.  Bill's knowledge and confidence in the baits made the decision to continue  the association easy.  He regularly uses them in regional tournaments, and is especially fond of the Timber Pup and its big brother. 

Taylor Mardis

Living in the middle of the bass crazy state of Alabama, it's no wonder Taylor is a bass fishing addict.  Taylor fished his way through college at the University of Alabama-Birmingham as a member of the  UAB fishing team, serving as team president for three years.  He is also an experienced field rep for many companies through Alexander-Townsend Manufacturer's Representatives.  As Charmer's newest staff member, Taylor is putting the bass of northern Alabama's fabled lakes on  notice -- you can swim, but you can't hide!  Contact Taylor to see what Charmer Bait is hot on your lake!

Justin Swast

Justin brings a wealth of experience to Charmer Baits.  In addition to his current vocation as a Manufacturer's Rep, Justin has served in retail sales as a buyer for a major midwestern independent retaler.  He calls Lake of the Ozarks home, and regularly competes in bass tournaments there and across the region.  Justin was a big believer in Charmer Baits long before he developed an official connection with the company.  His passion and enthusiasm for the baits, especially our  big Paddle Tail Worm led us to make him our "go to" guy in the Show Me state.