"Purplegrass" 10.5" Gator Tail Worm

"Purplegrass" 10.5" Gator Tail Worm

Charmer - "10.5" Gator Tail Worm": The 10 1/2" Gator Tail is the flagship of  our "Big Three."  Our custom tail is a longer, thinner version of  traditional sawtooth designs, giving it the action of a ribbontail and the thumping water disturbance  reminiscent of an ole 'gator in the bayou.  If you need a real big bass attractor for fishing in the grass or on the deep river ledges of the Tennessee River system, this is the worm!
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    Style: Gator Tail Worm
    Size: 10 1/2"
    Color: Purplegrass
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