Flip it, pitch it, drag it.  Just FISH it!  The Charmer Tube...choice of Classic champions!
4" Flippin Tube

The Charmer 4" Flippin' Tube is the "go to" bait for tournament anglers everywhere.  Whether you fish deep, clear water for big bronzebacks  or flip heavy cover for trophy largemouth, this tube gets it done.  Our tube is made the right way...dipped and the tails hand cut for that erratic action bass find irresistible.  They are heavily scented with garlic and craw scent and full of salt. 


This bait has  a long list of successes, including the largest one day catch in Lady Bass Angler Association history as well as the LBAA 2013 Classic championship.  When money is on the line, you need a Charmer tube on the end of yours!

4" Craw Dude


One of our most common requests has been for a craw style trailer for jigs.  Here it is...the Craw Dude!  In addition to putting it on the back of a jig, the "Dude" works great Texas rigged or on a shaky head or Carolina rig!   Solid head for durability and a hollow section for rattles or to trap air.

THE Craw Tube
THE Craw Tube is a 4" fish catchin' machine.  It excels at bed fishing and flipping heavy cover.  This tube also easily follows a heavy weight through matted grass.  THE Craw Tube is a great alternative to a beaver style bait, showing the fish a different look and action!  This is an extremely popular bait that is frequently hard to find--Charmer Baits is pleased to say we have 'em!
4" Slim Daddy Craw
NEW DESIGN!  Six hot colors!
This crawdad has been on a diet.  A slender, wormlike body and thin, lively claws result in a a dancing action that has to bee seen to be believed.  Like our worms and creatures, the Slim Daddy floats and is covered in Charmer's famous garlic scent. 
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