Big, small, curly and straight..Charmer has a worm to catch your limit
6" Shaky Worm

Our Shaky Worm takes finesse fishing to a new level.  It excels when rigged on a shaky head as well as when Texas rigged with a light sinker.  It can be fished weightless or wacky style, and is deadly around shallow cover.  It even works as a drop shot bait because it floats!  As you can see, this is a very versatile worm for clear water or finicky, post frontal bass! Use the arrow key on the photo to scroll through our color options.

7 1/2" Charmer Worm

These 7 1/2" worms are from our own patented mold and are where the "Super Soft Big Bass Tail Action" all started.  Whether your flipping them on a Texas rig or dragging them on a Carolina rig, this worm will get bit!  Use the arrow key on the photo to scroll through our color options.

10 1/2" Gator Tail

The 10 1/2" Gator Tail is the flagship of  our "Big Three."  Our custom tail is a longer, thinner version of  traditional sawtooth designs, giving it the action of a ribbontail and the thumping water disturbance  reminiscent of an ole 'gator in the bayou.  If you need a real big bass attractor for fishing in the grass or on the deep river ledges of the Tennessee River system, this is the worm!

10 1/2" Paddle Tail

The 10 1/2" Paddle Tail is the "finesse" version of the big worm, if there is such a thing!   The subtle thump of the paddle is just right for getting the attention of big, lazy bass.   The big profile with unassuming action translates to bites when it seems nothing else will.  There are other paddle tail worms out there...but only one Charmer with the floating, Super Soft, Big Bass Tail Action!

10 1/2" Ribbon Tail

A big ribbon tail worm is just the ticket when those post spawn fish have gotten their bellies full and just don't seem to like that crankbait as much as they did  the week before.   The slithering, twisting  action of   our 10 1/2" Ribbon Tail  is like an after dinner cookie...they just can't resist. Compare  our floating Ribbon Tail to others, then you will tie on a REAL monster, from Charmer!

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